Amazon Awakening for Veteran Couples

Heroic HEarts Project, together with Shipibo Joi and Alianza Arkana, are working to bring veteran couples to a powerful healing journey.

The event will take place March 23 - April 2.

It will be an amazing experience that offers an intimate, traditional Shipibo healing experience within the context of the Shipibo culture. Past participants describe it as life changing and the proceeds have been instrumental in supporting ongoing projects that benefit the Shipibo Konibo people and the Amazon forest.

At Heroic Hearts Project, we constantly looking for ways that we can enhance the healing journies for those seeking our help. After numerous requests, we decided it is the right time to try a pilot program where both the veteran and his or her spouse go through this transformational process together. We are excited to see how this experience will lead to stronger bonds through shared healing.

We Need Your Help! To support this program, we rely on generous donors like you! The cost of flying two people to Peru financially restricts many of the families we work with. We encouage the families to chip in as much as they can, but they often need help.

Please help us change the lives of thesemilitary veteran families who are lookig to make this journey!

One Time Donations