As many as 1 in 5 veterans suffer from PTSD


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About The Heroic Hearts Program

Veterans who are seeking our assistance should first read the following and then fill out the application below.


Our team reviews each application individually to determine eligibility.

Our decision making process depends heavily on your answers to the application. We only work with veterans who we believe will work hard to get the most out of the therapy.

Applicants who are able to fund some or all of their journey will be selected sooner. We have found that those who have a stake in the game tend to have better results. This also demonstrates to us that they are willing to work to get to their healing. There are always ways to fund raise locally and we will gladly help with this if you ask.

We prefer sending veterans in at least groups of two. So if you have a friend who is also interested in going, let us know.

If you are currently on SSRI’s or other depression/anxiety medications you will have to be able to work with a trusted physician to help you come off of these substances in a responsible manner. Mixing these medications with psychedelics can be very dangerous and we will not work with individuals who quit cold turkey. DO NOT ALTER YOUR MEDICATION IN EXPECTATION OF GETTING ACCEPTED INTO OUR PROGRAM, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE SPOTS. IF SELECTED WE WILL WORK WITH YOUR TIMELINE.

Our ability to provide financial scholarships is completely dependent on donations which makes it difficult to determine exactly when we will be able to support the next group. As a result, we cannot give you a precise waiting time.

Get a passort. There is no reason not to have one and occasionally slots open up last minute.

What We Provide

If selected into our program, we will provide complete logistical support of your passage to the retreat center.

We also provide sessions with our integration coach who has been certified by the Being True To You integration program. Our coach will help you prepare before the retreat and then provide integration support afterwards.

We typically send smaller groups (2-5 veterans) to the centers in Latin America so you can expect to be at the retreat with civilians who are their for their own healing.. The Florida center will be exclusively for veterans.

We have relationships with various plant medicine retreats and programs in many different countries. We have vetted these retreats to ensure you will have a quality experience. We only work with reputable centers that conduct their ceremonies respectful of indigenous tradition and are completely sustainable. '

We provide everything at cost so we do not make money off of the veterans we assist. As a result, we rely on the veterans we help to give back to our program to allow us continue our mission.

DISCLAIMER: Ayahusaca is not an approved therapy in the US and we do not offer medical advice. Although we strongly believe in our program, we do not guarantee results. Everyone interacts differently with the substance. That being said, across the board we have found that the more work individuals are willing to put in before and after the therapy , the more they get out of it.

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If you are a veteran seeking our support, please fill out the application below.

Please take your time and provide detailed answers. This will effect our decision making process. 


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The Problem

  • The suicide rate among military veterans far exceeds that of the general population.

  • As many as 1 in 5 veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq have been diagnosed with depression and/or PTSD.

  • Reports by the Journal of the American Medical Association reveal that the US Department of Veteran Affairs´ primary treatments have limited success, many resulting in dangerous side effects.

A Real Solution

  • Scientific and anecdotal evidence has shown Ayahuasca to be an extremely effective treatment for depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD with very few to no negative side effects.

  • The plant brew contains the psychedelic compound DMT, which allows individuals to revisit and process issues associated with personal traumas and suppressed memories in a safe, controlled setting.

  • Beyond the psychedelic effects, Ayahuasca has been shown to have positive physical effects on the brain like balancing serotonin levels.

  • The full potential of benefits are not well understood. Research is severely limited because DMT is banned in many western countries. The basis for these restrictions are political not scientific.


Heroic Hearts Project sends former Army Ranger Jeremiah to Yagé (ayahuasca) therapy in Colombia. These are the before and after interviews. Thanks for the support from our friends at Eagle Condor Alliance!

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